Links for Writers

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Writing tools

CharacterChart - Fill this out and know everything there is to know about your character

Writing Generator - Includes a character generator, quick story generator, theme generator, villain generator and much more

Behind the Name - Generates first and middle names. Pick the ethnicity of your character. Writing fantasy?
idicate whether your character is a fairy or a witch.

Random Name Generator - Generate male and female names. From the US census.

Tavern Name Generator - For those of you writing medieval. Need a tavern name for your hero and heroine to stop at? Try here.

Writer Buddy Toolbox - Has a name generator, block busters, plot generator

Writing Software

There are so many writing sofwares out there. I’ve only listed a few here. But if you go to Publishing Central (link provided below) you will find way more than I could ever find on my own.

NewNovelist - Has tesitmonials from published authors, looks pretty user friendly and offers a free writers advice newsletter

StoryMind - Purchase some of the most popular writing softwares including Dramatica Pro and Story View

Dramatica Pro - Probing questions help you find untapped potential in stories

Final Draft - Script formatting software, it automatically paginates and formats your script. But it can do so much more

Movie Magic Screenwriter - Write Brothers, Inc. developed Movie Magic

Screenwriter, Dramatica, StoryView and other screenwrting software

Write It Now - A tool to help you keep all of your story notes, scenes, research together.

Scrivner - Another tool to help you keep all of your story notes, scenes, research together. Previously only for the Mac, a Windows version is set for release in early 2011.

Publishing Central - This place has it all.